Toughest SUVs of the world

  1. Land Rover Defender (old Model)

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This is considered one of the toughest SUV in the world, that can go on any terrain. This SUV was an AWD vehicle. It was introduced in 1983 for the first time by the Land Rover. It was stopped from getting manufactured in 2016. From 1983-2016, around two million units of this vehicle was sold. It had a 5 speed manual gearbox with an inline 5 engine, that produced the power of around 120 bhp, and it had a top speed of around 130 kmph. It used to come in diesel variant.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser

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This SUV was launched in 1951 and it is one of the longest running production SUV models and is still being manufactured by the Japanese automakers. Since 1951 various models of this SUV has been launched. This SUV comes in diesel variant, and its an AWD SUV. The latest launched model has an engine of 3364 cc that produces 302 bhp. It has a 10 speed automatic gear transmission. This SUV can go on any terrain and typically lasts up to 400,000 kms.

  •  Mercedes G-Wagon

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Mercedes G-Wagon is considered as one of the greatest SUVs of all time. It was launched in year 1990. Its latest model has the engine displacement of 2925cc and it produces 600nm torque and 281.61 bhp of power. It is an AWD vehicle with great off-roading capabilities. It has an automatic transmission and it comes in diesel variant.

  •  Jeep Wrangler

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Jeep wrangler was launched in year 1986 by Jeep. Wrangler is considered not only one of the most off-roading capable SUV but also one of the most fuel efficient SUV. Its latest model is equipped with 3.0 EcoDiesel engine which produces 260 hp of power and it has 8 gear automatic transmission which makes its rides smoother.

  • Ford Bronco

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Bronco was launched in year 1966 by Ford motors. It has got the popularity among off-roaders for its off-roading capabilities. Ford motors discontinued it after 30 years into the production, and now it has been relaunched. The latest model comes in two engines variants 2.3 Eco boost and 2.7 Eco boost which produce 270 hp and 310 hp respectively. It comes with 7- gear manual transmission in which you get 6 normal gears and one crawling gear when you choose 4×4 version.

  •  GMC Hummer

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Hummer was launched in year 1992 by GMC. The list is incomplete without this vehicle. It was so popular back then for its offroading capabilities that it is/was used by even U.S. Army. It has been relaunched by GMC as an EV. GMC has announced it to have 3 electric motors which will deliver 1000 hp of power. It will have 4WD drive system with 1-speed direct drive transmission.

Although there are some more SUVs that deserve to be in this list, but it will be a never ending list. These SUVs can be considered as the honourable mentions of some of the toughest SUVs of the world.

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Written by – Sandeep Tripathi