Rom-Com is no doubt the most loved genre worldwide. Couples imagine themselves in the movie scenes, so do singles ���.

While there are many such movies which fall in the category of Rom-Coms, it’s very hard to pick a few which have made an impact on people and got immense love.

Here we have listed a few iconic Rom-Coms from Hollywood as well as From Bollywood.

The Vow

This Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum starrer is a treat for people who love Romantic Movies.

Paige meets with an accident and goes into a coma, when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember some part of her life which includes her marriage and her husband.

The struggle Leo went through in order to win her back will melt your heart.


  • Silver Linings Playbook

Pat (Bradley Cooper) is suffering from bipolar disorder and being sent to a mental hospital after he attacked the person his wife was cheating with. After getting released from hospital he is trying to be a better man in order to get back his wife.

Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) is a widow and is suffering from some unknown disorder.


How these two crossed paths and ended up together is quite a wonderful journey.

Robert-De-Niro was wonderful as always.

3. 50 First Dates

First of all, it is Real Life story. The screenplay and acting seems out of the world but it happened in Reality.

Henry falls in love with Lucy who suffers from short-term memory loss and she forgets each and every thing the very next day.


How Henry makes her remember every moment of their life will make you believe in love.

It shows the one who loves you will never give up on you!!.

4. Friends with Benefits.

Jamie Rellis and Dylan met for some work-related purpose and became friends.

One thing led to another and they decided to have casual sex while being remaining friends.

After this incident they started dating other people but they also started missing each other’s company.

Will they get back to each other? Well for that you have to watch the movie.


5. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Well, if you talk about romance in Bollywood you have to take Shah Rukh Khan’s name with it.

Although he has done some amazing Romantic movies, this one was quite different.


Surinder Sahni under some unwanted circumstances got married to Taani Sharma and she clearly told him that she can never love him.

How things got changed, how she started loving him is a treat to watch.

6. Jab we Met.

Another Bollywood movie in the list! Yes, Bollywood was making some good movies back in the 2000’s and this was one of them.

How Aditya met Geet and they filled a void in each other’s life, how they got separated and met together again. MAN, THIS MOVIE!!!

Songs of this movie will make a home in your mind and in your Heart.


7. Love Aaj Kal.

Starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, this movie had a storyline of two generations.

Jai and Meera mutually decided to break up due to career ambitions and even got in relationship with different people but later realized that they still love each other and ended up together with Jai being guided by Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) as he also faced some love related issues in his time.

Boy, I remember listening to ‘Twist’ on loop when its music was released.

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8. The Proposal:

Margaret Tate, an ambitious working woman, forced her assistant Andrew Paxton in order to get her visa renewed to avoid deportation to Canada. For Marriage both visited Groom’s hometown and things got changed there, they started understanding each other and each other’s situations.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were awesome in this.

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9. The Switch

The Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman duo starrer movie is the best match for this genre.

Kassie Larson, a single woman decided to have a baby and she chose a handsome professor from Columbia University to be her Sperm Donor.

Wally Mars, her best friend, offers to donate sperm but she refuses as she thinks he will not be an ideal sperm donor. Also Wally has some feelings for Kassie but he never reveals that to her.

One night Wally went drunk and he accidentally dropped the sperm of Professor and to avoid any brawl he replaced that with his.

How he and Kassie find out that the kid born is of Wally, make this movie a good entertainer.

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10. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Prem Shankar Sharma is a friend’s guy helping their friend to elope and while doing so he meets Jenny Pinto and falls in love with her.

They both share the stammering trait when they are emotional.

One day Jenny was stammering as she was emotional and Prem also started stammering as he was also feeling the same but Jenny misinterpreted Prem’s action as Mockery to her stammering and she stopped meeting him.

How things change and some subplot led these two to fall in love with each other and getting married is a soothing experience.

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Concluding here with a smile���

Written By: Shubham Kumar

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