Life is full of ups and downs, every day is not the same and brings different forms of energy with itself.

When we are having a good day, everything goes according to what we have planned.

Your approach will be positive, you will enjoy the moment and the most important thing you won’t need any advice on what needs to be done at this very moment.

While things are different when you are going through the downside. Your mood will be like hell.

People will be ready to give you advice on what to do and what not to, but you just need someone who can listen to you and not lecture you.

Well, I cannot arrange for you the person who can support you in your bad. Rather I am going to suggest to you some of the best shows which you can watch if you are having a bad time or having a good time doesn’t matter.


One of the biggest hits in television History worldwide F.R.I.E.N.D.S .

The reason why this show is loved by all and being watched most of the bad times as it will take you away from reality. It’s very rare that the situations shown in the show happen in real life but you still enjoy it because for that 20 minutes you forget the hardship you are facing.

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2. The Office

There are people who actively participate in the debate on which is better The Office or F.R.I.E.N.D.S, also there are people like me who enjoy both shows without comparing.

This show will show the life in a corporate and yes this will also make you feel out of this world because in reality there is no such boss who is as cool as Michael Scott.

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3. Family Guy

When we hear the word Animated show, we directly jump towards the conclusion that this show is going to be for kids and majority of the time we are even right.

But believe me amigos this show isn’t for kids😉.

This show enjoys the liberty of being an Animated series which helps them to add some illogical explanations but logic is not everything, right.

By the way, Stewie Griffin is the god of this show.

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4. Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah ( Old episodes)

There are a lot of talks going around now that this show is losing its charm nowadays but boy, what a show it used to be in its prime.

While people can troll this show’s camera work, sound effects during its initial days but writing and acting of this show was of God level.

Nostalgia is hitting hard now

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5.Breaking Bad

Most of the entries in the list are of the Comedy genre so that you will feel better, but Breaking bad is a whole different thing.

This is the only show which can fit best here with other comic shows.

The rise of Walter White aka Heisenberg will give you confidence and more than that it will give you an utter level of joy.

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Now it’s time to conclude this article, and if you have closely noticed that I haven’t explained anything about characters, plot, direction because if you are reading this then you don’t need any lecture friend you just need a good show to watch.

Thanks for reading this.

Written By: Shubham Kumar

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