Investing early in any area always benefited one, whether it’s self-development, education or in the financial security. Investment can be of any type time, energy, focus, although you need these three in every aspect of life but in this article, we will talk about investing money.

It’s good to start investing money in your college days but, If you haven’t in college days, you can start any minute now, “It’s better late than never”.

Below are the few options to start investing considering the budget of college students and it will also be good start for newbies who are not in college anymore.


Mutual funds will be the best start for your investment journey as it is less complicated and risky than the other options.

There are two ways to invest in Mutual funds, One-Time Payment- where you invest a lump-sum amount of money at one time and second one is the most reliable and suitable option if you do not have big amount, Systematic Investment Plan(SIP).

In SIP every month one certain amount of money chosen by you get deducted from your account automatically.

There are various MUTUAL FUNDS options out there now and several platforms are available too where you can invest online. For a start choose a less risky fund to invest into after you are aware with all the process try to invest in an aggressive fund.


Stock market can be your second-best option after Mutual funds. These both options are quite similar in a way as your money will get invested in shares of a company.

In Mutual Fund a fund manager is there to manage your fund and you will get a bucket of companies where your money will get invested but, in SHARE MARKET or STOCKS you are the boss of your investment.

You can invest here by analysing the performance of the companies, after a while after understanding the process of SHARE MARKET you can invest in IPO(Initial Public Offering). When a new company is about to make a debut in Share market, they release an IPO for fund collection. In this a lump-sum amount of money is decided by company and you have to purchase that minimum amount in order to get their stock. It’s a bidding process and there is no certainty that you will get the IPO but, you won’t lose your money it will get transferred to your account after certain period of time.


This scheme must feel like it’s too early for college students, but it has its own benefits.

Anyone between the age group of 18-60 can invest in this scheme and it’s a scheme by Government so you can invest in this.

After the age of your retirement, you can withdraw 60% of the amount invested and rest will be annuitized.

Although it seems like there is not such growth in this but you can save additional 50K INR on your taxes once you landed in a job after college.


REIT will be your best option if you want to invest in REAL ESTATE but don’t have a larger amount of money.

REIT will give you a fractional ownership of the property although, chance of getting profit form its share are quite low but you will get dividend money and that could be your source of passive income. Dividend money will be based on the share percentage and its company full ownership for providing dividends.

REIT is quite new in INDIA and it is still in its BETA version so it will be better if you opt the above options first.

Disclaimer: The information provided by this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Investing in stocks and other financial instruments involves risks, and you may lose money. It is important to conduct your own research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. The website does not have access to real-time market data and cannot predict market movements. Remember to diversify your portfolio and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The website is not responsible for any investment losses or decisions made based on its responses.

Written by Shubham Kumar

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