Places to visit in BANARAS

BANARAS or VARANASI is known to be one of the oldest cities in the world but, if you visit this place, it will also become your most loved city.

Although you don’t need an itinerary for BANARAS as this city will embrace you with it’s culture no matter in which part of the city you are but in case if it is required here are the most common visited sites here:


This should be and will be the first place to visit in VARANASI. You will feel a different level of holy vibes here once you entered the temple’s lane.

Before entering in the temple purchase kurtas from roadside and wear it to offer prayers.

This temple is on the banks of the HOLY GANGES and will surely going to give you ultimate peace.


THE OG, the G.O.A.T, even these words can’t do justice to this place. You just need to go there; rest will be done by the ambience of this place.



This ghat is in alongside of the KASHI VISHWANATH MANDIR. There is a different gate for entry to this GHAT.

After offering prayers you can visit the lane of this ghat outside the temple and enjoy the delicious food there.


BHU is the hub of vast culture, knowledge, peaceful environment and spirituality.

Inside the premises you will find the CHHOTE VISHWANATH JI temple, there you will get the uttermost peace and it will be hard to went off.


Sarnath is just a 10 km drive from BANARAS. It is famous for Buddhist stupa.

In the ASI museum in SARNATH there is ASHOK STAMBH placed. Cameras are not allowed inside the museum hence, no photos of there.

After you have visited the above mentioned sites just roam around in BANARAS KI GALLIYAAN without using google map and by doing so you will get to learn VARANASI even more.

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Written by: Shubham Kumar

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