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With the change of time the way we enjoy games with our friends have changed drastically and now we are in an era where PC games are on a new higher level than they ever were. Playing video games helps improve your problem solving skills and hand-to-eye coordination, so you just got another reason to try them���.

Below are some of the free multiplayer PC FPS games to enjoy with your friends and families.

1. Valorant

Our first entry is from Riot games who is no stranger in building great free-to-play games. Valorant is an overlap of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch where two team of 5 players would be going against each other in order to search and destroy the bomb. They have a wide variety of heroes to choose from, which have unique abilities and provide strategic gameplay where you can outshine your opponents even if your gun game is not at point.

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2. Apex Legends

If you are into battle royal games then this game would be perfect for you developed by Respawn Entertainment. It has currently 20 Legends to choose from which have different predefined abilities and helps the game to make it more interesting when you are taking the fight to your opponents. The squad size is of 3 players and 20 teams are dropped from the aircraft just like other battle royals. You can play solo and team up with random players or can bring in your own squad.

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3. Deceit

This is I will say as Among Us on steroids where one-third of the players are randomly assigned as infected. The infected players can collect the blood banks and transform into monsters to pick off from humans. Uninfected players need to complete certain assigned objectives to get to the next level. If any player thinks that a fellow member is infected, they can shoot them and other players then need to cast their vote by stabbing that player and fully killing them or can let them get back up to rejoin (truly a unique way of casting votes).  

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4. Team Fortress 2

If you are into building strategies and catching your opponents off guard with it then this game can be a treat for you. Here you get to choose players from the nine different classes with their unique abilities which selected strategically can make your team a fortress. There are a number of maps and different game modes available to play with. Also, you get maps made by the community, so there is always new content to dive in. Two teams RED and BLU go head-to-head and follow search and destroy game fashion. This one of the most played games on steam and it was released in 2007, pretty impressive for a decade old game.

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5. PUBG Battlegrounds

The game which popularized the battle royale game mode and made it mainstream cannot be left out from our list. However, this game was not always free and only recently the developers Krafton made it free for PC and consoles. You can play single, duo or in a 4-player squad where your goal is to be the last man/team standing where the map is constantly shrinking around a random point in the map in circular fashion.

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6. Call of Duty: Warzone

A Call of Duty battle royale which is free to play was not expected by anyone but was the one thing that everyone wanted. Warzone offers precise gunplay that you find in Call of Duty games with the package of battle royale where you can transport to different locations on map in helicopters or tanks. Truly fluid with its gunplay and movements the only hiccups are its big updates which can spoil your mood if your internet connection is slow.

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7. Quake Champions

This is the 5th entry in the Quake game series from Bethesda Softworks which is a fast-paced shooter which will certainly challenge your reflexes. Champions have the classic 1v1 or 2v2 game modes which were popular in its first installment during the 90’s. However, this game is a little heavier on the system side and can only be played if you got an above average system and that is the reason why it was not launched in consoles.

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8. Ring Of Elysium

Another battle royale game with a little twist where you are not killing your opponents to survive but are trying to escape the map in order to win. RoE offered by Tencent has a similar DNA to PUBG however the menus and items offered in game are not cluttered. Your team is left on a map with storm brewing and your only way out is the rescue helicopter. On the way to the rescue point you may die of your opponent or of the bad weather which makes the game unique and challenging and also the game offers stunning scenery across the map.

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9. Halo Infinite

The game series which was once only available only for consoles had made its way to PC and now you can enjoy the sharp and snappy game style of Halo in battle royale mode. With a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to choose from in the Halo franchise. This new installment offers deathmatch, capture the flag and other game modes in 4v4 or in big team battle variants other than the usual battle royale game mode.

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10. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

A free to play FPS games list would not be complete without this game which has a competitive level like no other game on this list. This game requires movement control and pin point accuracy for you to ace a round. Two teams would be going against each other in a search and destroy gameplay fashion. The skill level required in this game is higher than others but can still be enjoyed with friends. Released in 2012 Global Offensive still has a fair share of the player base due to its competitive nature and an active Esports scene.

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11. The Cycle: Frontier

A fun co-op game with PvPvE game style where you would be going against other players and also the environment where you loot to survive. This is somewhat similar to RoE however the loot mechanics are more dominant here and you try to loot valuable items from the map or from other players and then trade it or craft it for other in-game items. You can play this solo or in a squad of 3 players with your objective to survive and loot precious goods and evacuate from the stranded island successfully. However, you can try this game only in beta testing as it is still a work in progress and will be released at some point in 2022.

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Enjoy fellas!!

Written By: Vivek Singh

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