How to watch Formula 1 2023 in India

Hey everyone! This year, if you’re an F1 fan in India, you’ll need to look into how to watch F1 in India online. This is because Hotstar’s F1 broadcasting rights were not renewed for this season. 

There will be 23 races this year spread over 20 different nations. The only way to watch these races in India is through the official F1 TV app which is launched ahead of the 2023 season. However it will cost you a hefty price as the F1 TV Access and F1 TV Pro are ₹1699 and ₹2499 annually which is much costlier than Hotstar.

Live telecasts are not included in the Access plan. The Pro plan includes numerous camera angles and displays (live and on-demand) at the same time.

F1 TV Access₹ 239₹ 1649
F1 TV Pro₹ 299₹ 2499

Image courtesy – Dall.E